Appraise and Sell Your Surplus Inventory for Maximum Cash

What is BoxFox?

BoxFox allows independent retailers to appraise and sell older, excess inventory. Retailers get the best possible price for their inventory when buyers compete for the highest bid in 3-day auctions. Free up shelf space and improve cash flow now, with BoxFox.

"I hate holding on to last season's inventory when I know it's not making me money,

BoxFox fixes this problem and my customers always have newest merchandise."

- Jonathan, Grand Rapids, MI

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BoxFox works great for many kinds of retail merchandise, but works best for products that have manufacturer UPCs.

Products like:

BoxFox is your consistent solution for excess, slow-moving, or out-of-season inventory. When the seasons change or certain products aren't selling as well, upload the unsold inventory to BoxFox and move it out of your store. You will increase cash flow and free up shelf space for products that your customer want to buy right now.

"This is not pennies on the dollar liquidation, this is educated inventory management. Why hold on to inventory that isn't making you money? Sell it now to increase cash flow and make room for products that your customers will buy."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is buying my inventory?

Our buyers are a worldwide network of online and offline sellers - we've carefully evaluated each one.

What condition are the items in?

BoxFox focuses on products in new condition.

What can I sell on BoxFox?

BoxFox is intended for surplus, off-MAP inventory still in new condition.

Is there a minimum buy?

You can purchase as few or as many items as you like.