Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of inventory are sold on BoxFox?

Retailers use BoxFox to sell a wide variety of items, including sporting goods, electronics, apparel, footwear, tools and more. We'll notify you via email as new lots become available.

What condition are the items?

You'll receive new, branded products directly from the seller.

Is there a minimum buy?

You can purchase as few or as many items as you like.

Is there a fee to remain on the site?

It's free to join and remain on BoxFox - you only pay shipping and a 5% commission when you buy.

Auctions on BoxFox

How does the auction work?

BoxFox provides you with individual product photos, ratings, fair market value, and tools to calculate profit potential. Each auction lasts 3 business days and concludes at 5PM EST. At the end of the auction, the seller chooses to accept or reject all or part of the highest offer.

How do you determine the 'buy' and 'sell' values?

Based on the UPC's and product titles provided by the seller, BoxFox searches the product databases of multiple online marketplaces to estimate each item's fair market value. Based on that value, we provide a suggested 'buy' and 'sell' price for each item. The seller does not set an asking price for the inventory.

How is the estimated inventory value calculated?

The appraised inventory value is simply the sum of all suggested buy prices across the lot. For an overview of how to bid on BoxFox, click here.

How is estimated profit calculated?

BoxFox calculates the difference between your 'buy' and 'sell' values along with a standard eBay/Amazon selling fee to arrive at your estimated profit per item.

Am I required to bid on the entire lot?

BoxFox enables you to bid on the entire lot or just parts of it.

How do I edit my offer?

BoxFox provides a default buy value for each item, but you're free to enter a custom bid price. You can also specify the specific quantity you'd like to purchase of an item. For an overview of how to bid on BoxFox, click here.

Can I bid a fixed price on the lot?

BoxFox has a bulk pricing tool that enables you to offer a fixed price on the entire lot. For an overview of the bulk pricing tool, click here.

Paying for the Inventory

How is payment handled?

All payments are made via ACH bank transfer through a secure 3rd party payment processor. None of your payment information is stored by BoxFox.

Where do my funds go?

If the seller accepts your offer, you pay upfront into a secure escrow account. Once your funds successfully clear into escrow, the seller will ship the inventory directly to you.

When will I be billed?

Your funds will not be released from escrow to the seller until you've received the inventory and had 3 business days to inspect the items.


How is shipping arranged?

BoxFox has an integrated UPS shipping system that covers small package, less-than-truckload, and truckload shipments - you simply provide your address. The seller will ship the items directly to you. We'll give you a tracking number so you can view the status of your shipment at all times.

How much does shipping cost?

To help you approximate the shipping cost, BoxFox lists the state of origin for each inventory lot. If you'd like a more specific shipping estimate for a lot, just contact us at support@boxfox.co.

How is the shipping payment handled?

Your bank account will be debited separately for the shipping cost once you've received and reviewed the inventory. Contact support@boxfox.co if you'd like a shipping estimate on a lot.

Can I return any items to the seller?

BoxFox does not enable buyers to return inventory to the seller. If you find issues with the items received, you can claim a partial/full discount through our inventory resolution process.

Inventory Resolution

What if the items are not as expected?

BoxFox has a set refund structure for any items that are missing or worn. You simply attach a photo of the issue along with your requested discount.

How long do I have to inspect the inventory?

Once you receive the inventory, you have 3 business days to review the items for accuracy. If you neglect to claim any issues after 3 business days, the transaction is automatically marked as complete.

What if some of the items are missing?

You can claim these items through inventory resolution and receive a 100% discount.

What happens after I submit my resolution?

The seller has 3 business days to review your inventory claims. If they accept, your bank account will be refunded by the amount of the claimed discount. If a resolution is not reached, a representative from BoxFox will reach out to both you and the seller.

For any additional questions, just email us at support@boxfox.co or use the chat bar on our web site.