Frequently Asked Questions


Who is purchasing my inventory?

BoxFox hosts a worldwide network of inventory buyers that sell through a variety of online and offline channels. Each buyer on BoxFox has submitted an application and received an approved from our team.

Does this break my vendor contracts?

It's up to each seller to determine whether BoxFox complies with the specific requirements of their vendor contracts. We encourage you to only sell off-MAP products on our marketplace.

How much will buyers offer?

Our retailers typically receive between 20-110% of original cost. The actual price depends on your specific items and the number of buyers that compete to place bids on the inventory.

What is the cost?

BoxFox collects a 5% commission, but only if you choose to accept a buyer's offer. There is no upfront fee for listing your inventory on the marketplace.

Uploading Inventory

How do I submit inventory to BoxFox?

You simply upload a .CSV or Excel file that includes the Title, UPC, and Quantity information for each of your items. Our system uses that data to provide our buyers with product images and detailed product listings. You can download a template spreadsheet here.

Alternatively, you can use our iPhone/iPad app to submit your inventory for auction - no point of sale system or spreadsheet needed. Simply scan your products with our iOS app and get back an appraisal in minutes. You can find the app here.

Is there a minimum quantity requirement?

There is no minimum quantity of items you can upload to BoxFox.

How do I export data from my point of sale system?

We've provided brief tutorials for several of the most popular point of sale systems here.

Should I split up my inventory lot?

If you have products in differing broader categories (i.e. footwear and apparel), we suggest you break up the inventory into separate lots. Splitting the inventory will enable you to receive the most competitive bids from buyers on each lot.

Do I need to include product images in my upload?

BoxFox uses your UPC codes to automatically pull product images for our buyers; however, our system is occasionally unable to find an image match. To provide your own product images, simply include the image URL in your upload file (click here for a brief tutorial).

What does the appraisal value mean?

Based on the UPC's and product titles you provide, BoxFox searches the product databases of multiple online marketplaces to estimate each item's fair market value. We use this value to estimate what the buyers on BoxFox might be willing to offer for your inventory. Buyers are also given this appraisal value as a reference point that informs their offer price.

Auctions on BoxFox

How long does each auction last?

Each auction on BoxFox lasts 3 business days and concludes at 5PM EST.

What happens during the auction?

Once you upload your inventory spreadsheet, we notify our network of buyers that your inventory is available. As they place bids, we'll keep you informed via email notifications.

What if I sell some of the items while the auction is live?

You simply decline the buyer's offer on those specific items.

What happens at the end of the auction?

Once the auction is complete, you have 3 business days to review the highest offer. You're free to accept/reject all or even just part of the winning bid. There's no obligation to accept a buyer's offer.

What if I reject all/part of an offer?

You can re-list the rejected items back on BoxFox for another round of bidding.


How are payments handled?

All payments are done via ACH bank transfer through a secure 3rd party payment processor. None of your payment information is stored on BoxFox's servers.

When will I receive payment?

Once you accept an offer, the buyer pays upfront into an escrow account. After the buyer's funds clear into escrow, you're free to ship the inventory. After the buyer has received and reviewed the items, BoxFox will release the funds from escrow (minus the 5% commission) into your designated bank account.


Who pays the shipping cost?

The buyer covers the shipping cost associated with the transaction.

How do I ship?

BoxFox has an integrated UPS shipping system that covers small package, less-than-truckload, and truckload shipments. You simply enter the dimensions and weight of each box and we'll automatically generate shipping labels for you to print. Your shipment will be sent directly to the buyer.

How long do I have to ship?

Once the buyer's payment clears into escrow, you're given 5 business days to prepare your shipment and print the shipping labels.

How will I know when the shipment arrives?

We'll provide a tracking number so you know exactly where your shipment is at all times.

Will items ever be returned to me?

BoxFox does not allow buyers to return inventory to the seller. If a buyer finds issues with the items received, they can claim a discount through our inventory resolution process.

Inventory Resolution

How long does the buyer have to review?

Once the inventory is received, the buyer has 3 business days to review the condition of the items purchased. If the buyer does not submit a claim within this 3 business day window, the transaction will automatically be marked as complete.

How does the buyer claim an issue?

BoxFox has a set refund structure for any items that are missing or worn. The buyer must include a photo of the discrepancy for the claim to be legitimate. If the buyer reports issues with the inventory, you have another 3 business days to review and accept or reject their claims.

What happens at the end of inventory resolution?

Once the inventory resolution is finalized, payment will be released from escrow (minus any adjustments) into your bank account. The transfer typically takes 1-2 business days.

For any additional questions, just email us at support@boxfox.co or use the chat bar on our web site.