How to Buy Inventory on BoxFox



We regularly email you about new inventory lots that become available

  • BoxFox auctions last for 3 business days
Lot email


BoxFox provides detailed product descriptions and pricing research

  • You can bid on the whole lot or just parts of it.
  • At the end of the auction, the seller determines whether to accept the highest offer
Place offer


You pay securely into an escrow account

  • BoxFox uses a secure third-party payment processor
  • The retailer ships the items directly to you
  • You can track your shipment through BoxFox
Track shipment


BoxFox has a built-in inventory resolution system

  • You're given 3 business days to check over the items for accuracy
  • If any discrepancies arise, claim them according to our set discount structure
  • Your funds aren't released from escrow until inventory resolution is complete
Inventory resolution