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TaxJar - Sales Tax for eCommerce Sellers
Help! I Have Too Much Inventory!
A 3-step plan for independent retailers to maximize their 2015 holiday sales
5 Simple Ways to Sell Overstock Inventory
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It’s Prime Time!
Library >>   Marketing
Beginner’s Guide to Photographing Merchandise
Library >>   Marketing
10 keys to using Instagram to sell more merchandise
A 5 step plan for independent retailers to maximize winter and seasonal inventory sales
Library >>   Marketing
What Does $5 Buy? Fiverr
Library >>   Marketing
What is a .store Domain?
Top Rumors About Clearance Inventory
Library >>   Marketing
Which reviews are best for my business?
Set up a winning clearance sale to free up space and increase cash flow
Equation retails can use to calculate and estimate when they should reorder inventory.
Use events to help boost sales, foot traffic, and awareness to your retail store
Small retailers can identify excess or old inventory using the inventory turnover ratio and other tactics
Leverage long and short term weather forecast to improve inventory management
Equations for retailers to determine their excess inventory and compare to industry averages
Understanding retail psychology can give small retailers the advantage in converting customers
Understanding customer psychology when planning pricing on products gives retail store owners the advantage
A couple of solutions for retailers to handle old holiday inventory.
Things to consider when determining which items are good and bad for resell
Tips for small and independent retailers managing inventory in a seasonal business
Quick guide for retailers explaining what is point of sale system is, how it can help, and where owners can get one.
Advice and tips for independent and small retailers trying to manage retail inventory
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Are you prepared for the EMV switch? Point of sale system technology is advancing every day.
Retailers can make more money by utilizing impulse buys around their store


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