How to Use BoxFox


Upload an inventory list

We'll give you an instant appraisal

  • All we need is an Excel/CSV file with your UPC, title, and quantity data
  • We use the UPC's to provide our buyers with high-quality product images


Appraisal card Appraisal items


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Watch offers come in

Buyers bid on your lot for 3 business days

  • We'll notify you as each offer is received
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Review the highest offer

You see an itemized report of the highest bidder's offer

  • You're free to accept/reject all or just part of the winning offer
  • The only cost is a 7% transaction fee

Ship the inventory

You can prepare and track your shipment entirely within BoxFox

  • The buyer pays into a secure escrow account before you ship
  • All shipping costs are paid for by the buyer
  • Once the buyer receives the inventory, they will have 3 business days to review it
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Get Paid!

Payment is released to your bank account