Troubleshooting Tips

Fixing UPC's that Contain a String of 0's

If your UPC's contains a string of consecutive 0's (i.e., '853305000000'), first make sure you're uploading a list of UPC's from the manufacturer (not your own store codes).

If you've uploaded your inventory file in .CSV format and your UPC codes include a string of 0's at the end, the UPC's in the file might be listed in this truncated format (i.e. '8.53305E+11'). To fix, open up the original EXCEL (if you have it), or CSV file and make a few formatting edits to the UPC's:

For Excel users (both Mac and PC):

1) Notice how the UPC's in this spreadsheet are formatted in this truncated Scientific format.

2) Highlight the entire 'UPC' column and select 'Number' format.

3) Your UPC's should now be in a full 12-digit format. Save the document as a .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX file and you're ready to upload it to BoxFox.

For Numbers users:

1) Make sure the 'Format' window is visible on your right side panel. If not, click 'View', then 'Inspector', then 'Format'.

2) Click the 'Cell' tab and highlight the entire 'UPC' column.

3) Click the 'Data Format' dropdown and select 'Number'.

4) Your UPC's should now be in a full 12-digit format.

5) Export your document as either an Excel or .CSV file. It will now be in a format that you can upload to BoxFox.

If you have any questions, feel free to email your spreadsheet to