Updates to our Terms and Conditions - October 7, 2016

It was a busy summer at BoxFox, as we continue to break down the barriers between businesses who want to buy and sell retail inventory. As we continue to grow, we have made some important changes to our terms and conditions. You can find the updated terms here: https://boxfox.co/terms-and-conditions

A few important changes that we wanted to highlight for you:

  • Circumventing the Marketplace
    BoxFox wants to make sure businesses that complete transactions on the marketplace have a secure platform for doing so. We want to maintain that security and do not allow businesses to circumvent the platform with their own payment or shipping methods. However, if you have existing relationships with other businesses that also use BoxFox, our terms will not restrict you from doing business with those businesses. We have also asked that sellers do not include identifying information in or on packaging when shipping products to a buyer on BoxFox.
  • Counterfeit Goods
    To ensure only high quality goods are sold on the marketplace, BoxFox restricts the sale of counterfeit merchandise. We want to maintain the integrity of the marketplace, so we've made made it even more difficult for businesses that attempt to sell counterfeit goods.
  • Listing Restrictions
    A growing number of businesses selling have requested the right to restrict where their products can be resold. To gain access to an even more quality merchandise, buyers will be asked to agree to the published restrictions on resale channels and geographic regions for a merchandise lot.
  • Reserve Pricing
    Allowing sellers to set an asking price helps to set expectations among both parties and allows more deals to be done. We added some clarity around reserve pricing to ensure both parties understand the importance of using this feature.
  • Sales to Retail Consumers
    BoxFox does not require sellers to remove merchandise from direct to consumer sales channels while being listed for sale on BoxFox. This means that a buyer may end up with less units from a lot than originally expected, but will receive an appropriate refund for items not received.
  • Product Condition
    Currently, only new products are currently offered for sale on BoxFox. However, we've loosened this restriction a bit, as businesses have different definitions of new. Any merchandise in less than new, retail-ready condition will have details regarding the condition published in the listing.
  • Insurance
    BoxFox used to require businesses that utilize the marketplace to carry a specific level of commercial general liability insurance to minimize risk for all users. This has been lessened, now only requiring statutorily-required minimums for commercial general liability insurance.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact us at support@boxfox.co. Thanks for using BoxFox!

The BoxFox Team