Frequently Asked Questions

Using the BoxFox Bidding Tools

Max bidding

The max bid feature helps you plan your bid and get the most out of each offer. Max bidding can especially come in handy during the closing minutes of an auction.

Simply set the maximum price you're willing to pay for a lot and BoxFox will automatically bid on your behalf if necessary (up to that amount).

To watch a 2-minute demo of the max bid tool, just play the video below:

Placing a max bid

After you place an initial bid, we'll provide you with an opportunity to set your maximum bid and bid increment. If a competing bid comes in higher, we'll automatically increase your bid by that increment you specify (up to your ceiling amount).

Editing your max bid

You can view your offer and modify your max bid at any point during the auction. We'll notify you via email if your max bid is exceeded by another buyer.

If you have any questions or feedback, just email us at support@boxfox.co or use the chat bar on our website.